Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser

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Features of Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser
1. Motor operation minimizes the grip force
2. Electronic control decreases the repetitive strain injury
3. The remote control panel makes the operating process without the manual disturbance
4. Two Dispensing modes, dispenser, and stepper function options

Note: the bottles are sold separately
Volume range of 0.1~99.9mL, maximum piston lift is 10mL, the resolution is 100μL
Dispenser: R = 10mL ± 30μL; CV = 10ml ± 10μL volumetric accuracy
Stepper: R = 1ml ±6μL; CV = 1ML ±9μL
Operating temperature range: 10C~30C
Quality control: DIN EN ISO 8655
Control type: External control.
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