Performance And Warranty of Pipette

The pipette is a common laboratory tool which is used to transport measured volumes of liquid and come in a multitude of channels, displacements and construction materials.

Pipette supplied by Hawach Scientific is of the highest quality and lowest cost and is specially designed to prevent strain, improve comfort, minimize exertion and lower the risk of leakage and damage. Besides, our products are known for their innovative features and ergonomic designs, it can greatly increase your output and productivity, speed processing and reduce cross-contamination.

Performance of Pipette

Pipette provided by Hawach is a versatile piece of equipment that will fit into all kinds of laboratory, it provides flexibility, robustness, and perfect liquid handling product for repetitive dispensing, and it is equipped with a unique construction to ensure extremely easy tip, mounting and ejection. Use it when you need a high degree of accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive selection of quality, sizes, shapes, and designs of pipettes to fit customers need. And all of the pipettes are available in both manual and electronic formats, which is better to utilize in a different lab.

Types of Pipette

Pipette offered by Hawach Scientific is manufactured with the use of exceptional quality raw materials and the progressive techniques, which meets the international quality standards. We are committed to offering integrated service, including all the accessories such as tips and stands in various sizes.

Hawach provides two types of pipettes, one is mechanical pipette, and another is electronic pipette; pipette stand is also divided into two types, they are linear stand and round stand; pipette tip falls into the advanced pipette tip, standard pipette, and advanced filter pipette tip. We can provide unbiased recommendations based on the specifics of your applications as well as other considerations such as your budget.

Warranty of Pipette

Pipette marketed by our company combines years of experience and innovative technologies, which greatly improves accuracy and provides clients for a consistent and repeatable result. There is no worry in after-sale service because we promise to replace a new one if it wears out in guarantee period. And clients can obtain assistance by checking out our current inventory on this page or call our office.