Overview of Bottle-Top Dispenser

What is the bottle-top dispenser?
During a scientific experiment, a bottle-top dispenser can indicate its excellent precision and high repetition of separating operations without wasting solvents.

While handling some corrosive liquids or solvents, provides safety assurance for operators and the experimental environment. Besides, it also resists high temperature, high pressure, and chemical corrosion and applies to general acids and low-concentrated strong acids and salts, such as H3PO4, H2SO4, NaOH, KOH, etc, making sure the simplicity of the entire experiment.

Installation Introduction
The followings are necessary steps for operators to observe while dealing with a bottle-top dispenser.

Step NumberSpecific Operation
1Install suction pipes
2Install return pipes
3Install distributor
4Install responding reagent bottles
5Ready for sucking and separation process
6Remove bubbles
7Quantitative liquid separation
8Post-processing after usage
9Simple maintenance and cleaning

Common types
Three sorts of bottle-top dispensers are divided — MM Bottle, Brand Bottle, and FORTUNA Bottle.

Possible deployment scenarios
Bottle-top dispensers can make sense in pharmacies, medical treatment, hospitals, chemical, scientific research institutes, and etc.