Introduction of the Sample Vial

Hawach sample vial is relative to the ordinary bottle and composed of an amorphous solid obtained from the cooling and hardening of molten material, with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, and electrical and optical properties. In your autosampler work, vials, caps, and septa will fully provide you with the necessary support and assurance.

Septa of sample vials
Sample vials are often fitted with caps and septa. Hawach supplies standard-certified automatic septa for vials correspondingly. Ensuring that select the matching septa from Hawach, you will get results that are repetitive and consistent. There are three types of gaskets to match with reagent vials: screw cap septa, crimp cap septa, and snap cap septa.

septa and cap for screw thread sample vials
● Screw cap septa material include PTFE and silicone.
● Cap of PTFE has black -8mm color and Blue – 9 mm.
● Septa color: white – silica gel; Red/blue -PTFE; Blue is the pre-payment.

septa and cap for crimp top sample vials
● Clamp cap septa seal better and are more commonly used for GC injection or long-term sample storage.
● 11mm silver aluminum compression cap and 1mmPTFE/ silicone /PTFE septa.
● Septa color: white – silicone; Red/blue -PTFE; Blue is the pre-payment.

septa and cap for snap vials
● Material: plastic
● Color: black, blue, transparent