Introduction of Sample Vial from Hawach

Sample vials, also glass vials, are divided into six different sorts according to various relevant aspects as the chart down below.

Bottle top typescrew thread, snap, crimp (matched pliers are required while using)
Colortransparent, brown(to avoid light)
Volume2ml, 10ml, 20ml, 40ml
Caliber8mm, 9mm(standard 8-425 and 9-425 are all threaded mouths);

11mm(crimp or o\snap top)

Tape writing blank spacewith or without the tape writing blank space
Glass materialborosilicate glass USP1( more expensive than the domestic)

Naming Principles
It differs from different kinds of sample vials.

Screw thread tope.g. SVS201C means 2ml vial with a screw top, 9mm caliber, clear vial, and no tape writing space
Crimp tope.g. SVC201C means 2ml vial with crimp top, 11mm caliber, clear vial, and no tape writing space
Snap tope.g. SSVN211C means 2ml vial with snap top, 11mm caliber, clear vial

For those vials of Hawach, there are several parts contents, which includes glass vial’s categories, pictures( to demonstrate product outlook and packing appearance), an overview of it and naming principles.