Application and Highlights of Bottle-Top Dispenser

The bottle-top dispenser is a kind of specially designed dispensing device made of inert materials, mainly including automatic dispenser, continuous dispenser, class dispenser, digital dispenser, vernier dispenser, standard dispenser, organic dispenser, hydrofluoric acid dispenser, etc.

With good tightness, it dispenses chemical reagents accurately and efficiently without wastage, volatilization, splashing, and spillage, and prevents operators directly contacting with chemical reagents, thus reducing damage to environment and operators.
With high resistance to multiple corrosive liquids or solvents, high temperature and pressure, it is suitable for almost all chemical reagents, including solvents, water solution, crystalloid solution, light-sensitive solution, viscous liquid, strong acid and alkali, corrosive chemicals and frowzy chemicals, and are extensively applied to pharmacy, medical care, hospital, clinical medicine, scientific research, commercial experiment, etc.

Rapid volume setting and precise scale;
Smooth and accurate vertical movement of the piston to make operation easier;
Bleeder cap to prevent direct contacting with chemical reagents;
Transparent pipette to fit with any reagent bottle;
Ultra-high resistance to chemical corrosion;
Multiple models to cover an extensive capacity scope and to meet diversified application demands;
User-friendly design to make cleaning and maintenance simpler.