How To Operate The Pipette Correctly?

The first is the use and maintenance of pipettes.
Set the capacity: When setting the required capacity, adjust it to 1/4 turn larger than the set capacity value, and then adjust to the set value. This can eliminate mechanical clearance and make the set value accurate. First, turn the capacity knob more than 1/4 turn of the target capacity value and then down to the set value.

Followed by the correct operation of aspiration.
1. Connect the appropriate nozzles;
2. Press the control button to the file;
3. The pipette nozzle vertically into the liquid surface 1-6mm (depending on the size of the pipette);
A pipette of 0.1-10 ul capacity enters the liquid surface 1-2 mm;
2-200ul capacity pipette into the liquid surface 2-3mm;
1-5ml capacity pipette into the liquid surface 3 -6mm.
Note: To ensure accurate measurement, the nozzle can be pre-washed 3 times, that is, the liquid is repeatedly drained 3 times.
4. Slowly slide the control button back into place;
5. The pipette can be slightly waiting for 1-3 seconds before moving out (depending on the size of the pipette);
Pause for 1 second below 1000ul;
5-10ml pause for 2-3 seconds.
6. Slowly remove the nozzle to ensure that there is no liquid on the outer wall of the nozzle.

Drain operation:
(1) The nozzle is pressed against the inner wall of the capacity at an angle;
(2) Slowly press the control button to the file and wait for about 1-3 seconds;
(3) During the process of pressing the control button to the second gear, the suction nozzle drains the remaining liquid;
(4) Slow release control button;
(5) Press the ejection button to project the nozzle.