Hawach’s Bottle-Top Dispenser

Hawach’s innovative concept combines reliable technology with a bottle-top dispenser for digital/cursor type. The new drain tube of the bottle-top dispenser has or does not contain a safety return valve, and the new valve system does not require a seal. Hawach bottle-top dispensers are more quickly derived from improved fluid technology, and their dispensing is more labor-intensive for large-range bottles. The volume adjustment device with built-in serrated guides enhances the repeatability of the volume setting for the vernier bottle.

Reliable technology:
Can be autoclaved at 121 °C
Adjustments and calibrations can be completed in seconds with reference to the requirements of the GLP and ISO 9001 standards. Factory settings can be automatically indicated by a red calibration (identification) board.
Easy to disassemble and clean
Replaceable inlet and drain valves with valve ball.
The valve module can be rotated 360° to ensure that the reagent bottle label always faces the user and is safe for operation.
The length of the pipette is adjustable to suit various reagent bottle specifications.
45 mm standard screw and included adapter for common laboratory reagent bottles
A wide range of expansion accessories helps perform special dispensing tasks such as aseptic processing or taking liquid from large containers.