Hawach Bottle-Top Dispenser

The method of removing a fixed volume of liquid from a larger storage bottle is to use a Hawach bottle-top dispenser. The compact design allows for highly reproducible dispensing without wasting reagents. The seal protects against corrosive solutions, is resistant to chemical attack, and can be autoclaved.

Bottle-top dispenser features:

  1. Wide range of liquid separation;
  2. PFA seals the sliding piston to prevent blockage;
  3. Precision piston prevents liquid crystallization;
  4. Strong chemical resistance;
  5. Quickly set the volume according to the precise scale;
  6. Easy to disassemble and install, easy to clean and maintain;
  7. Provide a telescopic tube suitable for the height of the container;
  8. Can be autoclaved without disassembly;
  9. With a safety valve to reduce solvent loss when ventilating.