Bottle-top Dispenser


The bottle-top dispenser comprises a reservoir and a dispenser. The dispenser is a plastic screw-socket bottle top that is connected to the syringe with an outlet pipe and inlet pipe of the single-acting piston, used for control of solution in and out. Above the bottle top, there is a positioning terrier with a metal scale mark and a portable positioning sleeve, maintaining the accuracy of the solution’s volume.

Laboratory workers use a plastic pipe to connect with a glass elbow and deliver the solution from the bottle-top dispenser. A frosted mouth on the end of the glass elbow is connected with a plastic suction nozzle to control the solution’s flow rate. The reservoir is a glass bottle with a screw socket which is connected to the bottle top, it is special for solution storage.


Wash all parts of the bottle-top dispenser clean, using a rubber pipe to connect the outlet pipe with the glass elbow on the bottle-top. Put the plastic suction nozzle on the end of the glass elbow, then add the solution into the reservoir. Make use of the screw socket to tighten the reservoir and the dispenser. At last, suck up and down for several times to discharge bubbles inside. The bottle-top dispenser is finally ready for use.


For laboratories in hospitals, colleges, and research institutes, making continuous quantitative liquid adding to all kinds of solutions, radioisotopes, biological agents, etc.