Hawach Single-Channel Manual Pipette Features

Single-Channel Manual Pipette Features

Tip the pop-up button for one-handed operation.
The handle hook can be easily attached to the palm of your hand.
Clear readings.
The tip retracting rod and nozzle can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Rotatable dispensing head makes the pipetting process more convenient.
Disposable tips are all popped up, the one-handed operation can be completed.
Durable conical material provides excellent chemical resistance.
Models larger than 10μl have replaceable safety cone filters to help prevent internal contamination and damage.
Tip cone can be disassembled for easy maintenance.
Tip cone design allows the tip to be easily removed from the slot.
And rely on visual verification whether it is completely absorbed firmly.

1.Friction sealing system

A pipette with a friction sealing system relies on a user’s forced pressing to secure the tip to the pipette, and the magnitude of the force varies from person to person.
Increased force required for tip assembly and withdrawal.
The tip is easy to lose, causing it to fall off or leak.
Reduced repeatability of experimental results.
Pipette link wear.

2.ClipTip system

There is a connection point between the pipette and the tip of the ClipTip interlocking point seal technology, which is sealed by locking the tip to the connection point.
Tip assembly and exit with minimal effort.
Each channel is completely sealed.
Avoid loosening of the tip.
Reliable reproducibility.

3. Card type tip for worry-free pipetting

The manual pipette ensures that each channel is completely sealed when the tip is locked in place. Whether you use a single or multi-channel pipette, you get the capacity you need to accelerate your R&D.