Hawach Advanced Filter Pipette Tips

The Hawach Advanced Filter Pipette Tips filter element acts as a second layer of blockage to effectively prevent contamination and effectively bind biomacromolecules. The defined air pass rate ensures sample recovery and quick and easy pipetting. Aerosols are aerosol molecules formed by solid particles or liquid particles, usually present in air or other gases.

The Hawach pipette tip will be double-blind tested on the filter tip after successful production. Focus on testing whether the pipette nozzle is contaminated with aerosol. Quantitative PCR was used to quantify the DNA fragment by detecting salt ion aerosols and biomolecules (such as DNA fragments).

Test results show that the double filter tip has a stronger ability to block aerosols than other common filter tips on the market. The double-filter tip has a particle transmission rate of only 0.13 % +/- 0.11%, which is 55-677 times higher than that of other brands, and 21-600 times more resistant to DNA fragments. (DNA fragment transmission rate is only 0.02% +/- 0.01%). The filter with the worst barrier capacity has a particle transmission rate of 88.00% +/- 7.00% and a DNA fragment transmittance of 12.00% +/- 5.20%. All filter elements of the Hawach double-layer ultrafilter tip are made of the same polyethylene (PE) with a similar pore size structure.