Drain And Suction Of A Pipette

A pipette is an indispensable tool for experimental operation. The most important thing is that the experiment has a minimum error and good repeatability.

In the process of using a pipette, please note:
1. Low environment temperature and high hand temperature makes the air expand. Error often occurs when the cold solution is inhaled.
2. The joint part of the tip and body has been worn away for a long time, resulting in errors.
3. It is easy to cause bubbles in the tip and pollute the tip.
4. When clean a pipette, the same sample is used for repeated suction and drainage for three times.
5. The steam of the reagent with high volatility will enter the tip, and the internal pressure will increase. As a result, the pressure will increase when the liquid is pressed out, resulting in errors.

Drain and suction of a pipette:
1. Along the inner wall;
2. Above the liquid level;
3. On the liquid surface;
4. Below the liquid level.

A pipette should not be held in the hand for a long time, it is best to hang it on support when not in use.