Features and Applications of Hawach No-Sterile Pipette Tips

The Hawach No-Sterile Pipette Tips have dual filter tips to prevent sample contamination of the pipette. The two filter layers are made of a flexible hydrophobic material that fits perfectly into the pipette nozzle, effectively blocking nearly 100% of aerosols and biomolecules. The filtering effect stems from the use of a filter layer that is clearly distinguishable and has a different pore size. The sample-oriented filter layer filters water droplets, sputtering, and aerosols.

*Double protection against aerosols and biomolecules
*Provides double protection for pipettes and samples
*No PCR inhibitor

*DNA applications (eg PCR)
*RNA applications (eg gene expression analysis)
*Proteomics (eg antibody research)
*Cell culture (eg medium)
*Treatment of radioactive materials
*All applications containing aerosol solutions