Different Tops and Bottles of Sample Vials

Vial Top Type

1. Screw Thread Top

Screw thread top possesses passing ability and excellent sealing effect. It sticks the septum in a mechanical way and no other tools are needed.

2ml Screw Thread Top Sample Vials

2. Crimp Top

The aluminum crimp has a good sealing effect and can prevent sample from evaporation. When in the high-temperature experimental environment, crimp top is with higher temperature resistance. Furthermore, crimp top needs to be matched up with the crimper when used.

Crimp Top Sample Vials

3. Snap Top

The sealing effect of the snap top is not as good as screw thread top and crimp top. The push-type snap top is suitable for the storage of powder sample and not suitable for the transportation of liquid. Moreover, what should be paid attention to is that if the snap top’s degree of adaptability is very high, it will be hard to close and may easily be broken. On the contrary, if the snap top is too loose, the sealing effect will become worse.

Snap Top Sample Vials

Glass Vial

1. Glass
Glass sample vial is a kind of general type and acid proof type of vial.

2. Brown Bottle
Brown bottle is suitable for the light-sensitive sample.

3. Polypropylene Septa
Polypropylene bottle is suitable for alcohol sample or water-soluble solvent.