Common sense of the use of the bottle-top dispenser

The bottle-top dispenser is one of the most common small laboratory equipment in the laboratory. It has the advantages of simple operation, (half) quantification, reduction of volatilization, prevention of diffusion of toxic substances, etc. It is product friendly to both users and the environment. It is widely used in agriculture, chemical, food, and daily chemical industries.

The measurement standards for the bottle dispensers sold by Hawach fully comply with the requirements of ISO8655. Some background information and tips for using this product are briefly introduced here:

1. Always download the appropriate chemical compatibility table before use to determine the compatibility of the product material with the liquid being dispensed.

2. It is quantified by the vernier caliper calibration range. The coverage of the four specifications ranges from 0.5 to 50 ml, and the accuracy and accuracy are ±0.5% and 0.1%, respectively.

3, before use, you need to carry out the exhaust operation (slowly pumping a small section, quickly hit, repeating several times), after the exhaust is completed, the liquid separation can be formally carried out, otherwise, it is prone to negative deviation.

4. The tightness of the cursor should be suitable. In the case of too loose, it is easy to offset the target position during the reciprocating pull distribution (the range is gradually larger); if it is too tight, there is a risk of twisting.

5. When dispensing liquid, pull it evenly and gently. When the cursor position is reached, the pulling is stopped to prevent the cursor from being moved by the excessive pulling force.

6. Regularly clean and maintain the bottle-top dispenser to prevent solid deposits inside the bottle-top dispenser, affecting its normal functionality.