Bottle-Top Dispenser

High security, a wide range of applications, and popularity. And the constantly updated replacement products meet the growing needs of the laboratory in a timely manner.

The mechanical bottle-top dispenser is suitable for a wide range of solvents.
The standard bottle-top dispenser is suitable for general acids and alkalis and low concentrations of strong acids and alkalis and salts such as H3PO4, H2PO4, NaOH, KOH, and so on. Made of ETFE, FEP, PFA, PP materials. The maximum pressure is 500 m bar, the maximum resistance is 500mm2/s, the maximum temperature is 40 °C, and the maximum liquid density is 2.2g/cm3.

• Continuous pipetting – For easier pipetting operation, the optional universal dispensing tube with a safety handle makes the pipetting operation quicker and more precise, even when pipetting into very thin tubes. The superior functionality of the safety valve and safe dispensing system remains. The functions of the safety aspiration valve and the safety drainage system are fully demonstrated.
• Easy to calibrate – very convenient according to GLP and ISO9000 standards.
• Calibration Mark – An obvious identification indication placed in the display window that indicates whether it is factory-set or user-corrected.
• Reduced operating intensity – Continuous pipetting has never been easier.
• Adjustable pipetting orientation – the drain tube can be placed in any orientation so the reagent bottle label is always in a visible position.
• Safety valve – The unique safety valve uses internal circulation to eliminate air bubbles and avoid reagent waste. The valve handle clearly shows the valve status.
• Safe drain system – The safe drain system ensures that no liquid is drained if the outlet tube is not installed correctly.
• Drain tube helmet – The safety cap with screw closure prevents contact with the reagents and can be easily installed or removed even with gloves.
• Suitable for any reagent bottle – Hawach bottle dispenser can be used directly for 45 mm threaded neck bottles, and with a polypropylene conversion interface for a variety of commonly used reagent bottles. Other specifications can be selected from the accessories.
• Transparent pipette – adjustable in length for all sizes of reagent bottles.

The electronic bottle-top dispenser uses microprocessing control.
The operation can automatically identify a specific size of the PD-tip for dispensing liquid. This design can make the previous complicated and heavy work very comfortable, easy and simple, and all the movement can be achieved by only six control keys. Liquid purpose.
Would you like to remove 7.01ul? 70.1ul? 1.01ml? 11.4ml of liquid? There is no problem with the electronic dispenser!
The volume control range of the electronic bottle-top dispenser is from 1 ul to 50 ml, which can be set arbitrarily according to your work. Using it without more arguments and recalculations will save you a lot of time for experiment planning, data analysis and sample preparation, which is your ideal experimental tool.

• Standard mode assignment – Pre-set volume for multiple pipetting.
• Quick pipetting – works in the same way as a normal pipette, with a pre-set volume for dispensing.
• Automatic dispensing – Electronic pipettes can be automatically dispensed based on the average interval between three consecutive pipetting.