Classification of Pipettes

Pipettes are precise instruments for removing small amounts of liquid. Various pipettes are indispensable tools for quantitative addition of various liquids in chemical technology, pharmaceutical research, biological analysis, environmental experiment, food detection, clinical diagnosis, biochemical determination, immune experiment, and micro-component analysis. According to the different working mode, the pipette can be divided into two types: mechanical pipette and electronic pipette.

Electronic pipettes

The electronic pipette is less used in all kinds of experimental analysis and measurement applications relatively. The electronic pipette is divided into four products according to the plug: USA plug, Cn plug, Euro plug, and a UK plug.

Mechanical pipettes

The standard series pipette are half autoclave sterilized at 121℃. The standard series has been refined to include four products: single-channel Adjustable volume, single-channel fixed volume, eight-channel Adjustable volume, twelve-channel Adjustable volume.

The advanced series are also half autoclave sterilized at 121℃. Unlike advanced series and standard series, the advanced plus is sterilized are fully autoclave at 121℃. So the plus series is more used for biological laboratory analysis. The standard and advanced plus series are also exactly the same subdivided into four products like the first two series.