Bottle-Top Dispensers Features and Tips

Hawach bottle-top dispensers help to simplify the routine liquid transfer operation and are widely used in all kinds of liquid reagents – buffer solution, medium, vitamin solution, acid, alkali, salt solution, or a variety of polar solutions.

Bottle-top dispensers can meet the needs of a wide range of applications, especially suitable for directly removing corrosive reagents from the reagent bottle: such as concentrated alkali and concentrated acid, salt solution, and various organic solvents.

Features of bottle-top dispensers
1. High accuracy;
2. Convenient and efficient;
3. Small repetition error;
4. Save a lot of time and cost of research and experiment;
5. Easy to remove and clean

Tips for bottle-top dispensers
1. Use proper suction head.
2. Smooth and appropriate suction speed.
3. The immersion angle of the suction head should be controlled within 20 degrees of inclination, and it is better to keep it vertical.
4. Wet cleaning of the suction head is helpful to improve accuracy.
5. The suction head shall be installed with good tightness.
Bottle-top dispensers can quickly calibrate and ensure fast, reliable, and highly repeatable volume settings.