Advanced Fully Autoclave Pipettes

Hawach advanced fully autoclave Pipettes have a high-quality appearance while taking into account the safety, comfort and efficiency of the pipette.

1. Features

Advanced design!
Excellent chemical and UV resistance, high temperature and autoclave (121℃, 20 minutes);
Internal components are insulated to prevent test data errors due to palm temperature transfer;
Safety cone filter prevents contamination;
Operable in the left or right hand, light and effortless;
Incremental tiny ;
Lightweight operation;
Users can clean and calibrate themselves without special tools, and Hawach can also provide you with more professional and reliable maintenance and calibration services.

2. Tip mounting and safe tip seal

All advanced fully equipped with unique tip mounting mechanism
●The tip can be installed with constant force
●Ensure the sealing of the tip and the smaller tip ejection force
●The tip pops out light and effortless
●Good sealing is also reflected in multi-channel mode

3. Bracket selection

Hawach pipette holders are available in both linear and circular styles. The straight type is a tilting bracket for all pipettes. Two pipettes can be suspended for each of the two, and the pipette and tip are protected during the experiment.