About Auxiliary Consumables For Pipette: Pipette Tip & Holder

Hawach is professional-oriented and customer-centered, adhering to the first-class technology, products, services to participate in the development of the lab consumables industry, to maintain synchronization with the international advanced level. In addition to the main consumables, there are also auxiliaries, such as the pipette tip & holder.

The pipette is a very important tool in many kinds of experiments. It is used to remove a certain amount of liquid, which has a very great influence on the experiment results. Different ranges of pipette tips shown in different colors. Some tips have a filter cartridge on top, and the filter cartridge is mainly used to prevent the sample from contaminating the pipette.

Daily Maintenance of Pipette

Pipette provided by Hawach is all of the strict quality control, each pipette with no strains, no scratches, and no inferior materials can be entered into the delivery process. Regular maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with the specific use to guarantee the accuracy and prolong the service life.

The connecting part needs to be loosened before the high-pressure sterilization and disinfection, and the sterilizing part should be dried at room temperature until recovery to normal temperature and then is installed. Commonly, a general sealing ring does not need to be maintained, the piston is better to be coated with a thin layer of silicon grease after cleaning or replacement.

Operation of Pipette

The working principle of the pipette is that the piston absorbs and releases the liquid through the telescopic motion of spring. Some standard operation steps are listed as follows. First, setting the volume of removing liquid, then assembling the parts, vertically inserting the pipette tip into the suction head, and screwing it gently; lastly, carrying out liquid-absorbing and releasing operation. Matched suction head and pipette will bring good airtightness, and the liquid-removing process should be vertically, or the accuracy may be affected.

Standard Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes
Advanced Fully Autoclave 8 & 12 Channel Adjustable Pipettes
Electronic Control Digital Pipette Epipette

There are three types of pipette tip:
Advanced Pipette Tips
Standard Pipette Tips
Advanced Filter Pipette Tips (with filter cartridge)
No matter which type, it is made of PP.

Use the right pipette tip

In order to have better results and for the accuracy and precision, it is suggested that the amount of liquid must be controlled between 35% to 100% rangeability.

Installing the pipette tip

It is not an easy job to install the pipette tip for most pipette brands, especially multichannel pipettes. For a better airtightness, some people would hit the pipette tip by pipette, which might make the pipette tip out of shape and influence the accuracy and precision. Sometimes it might break the pipette. The right way is to rotate the suction carefully.

Cleaning the pipette tip

Cleaning the pipette tip is conducive to improve the accuracy of the normal temperature sample. However, for those high temperatures or low-temperature sample, it would reduce accuracy. So pay attention when you use it.

Pipette holder

The pipette holder is currently a trend in the laboratory, and now the requirements for the product and testing are higher. The cost of adding the holder is small, but the pipette can be made more durable, easy maintenance and high precision. Moreover, it is easy to manage and makes you keep you a good mood at work.
Specifications: universal straight line and round
Quantity: up to 6