Tips for Operating Bottle-Top Dispenser for Handling Solvents Easily and Safely

Hawach bottle-top dispenser is appreciated by our customers as a perfect tool for precise, convenient, and safe laboratory delivery of solutions and solvents. It can not only dispense the liquid needed with a precise volume setting quickly and accurately but keep your bench and other devices safe. The sliding volume adjuster is easy for one-hand operation when your hands occupied with other stuff.

With the excellent chemical compatibility of various compatible liquids and a super ability to seal over a wide range of temperatures, Hawach bottle-top dispenser can find its position in the field of biology, clinical, pharmaceutical, and chemical labs.

Hawach bottle-top dispenser is a good tool to aliquot solvents accurately, safely, and efficiently. Including corrosive and flammable liquids, the Hawach bottle-top dispenser can compete with a lot of liquids in the lab. For this reason, Hawach bottle top dispensers are widely used in biology, pharmaceutical, clinical and chemical labs.

Hawach Scientific bottle-top dispenser can be applied to all kinds of strong acid, strong bases, salt, and almost all organic solvents at the same time, no longer worry about the choice of reagent range. There are some highlights of it in different aspects.

0.1~99.9mL Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser

1. High Corrosion Resistance
Piston is made of 99.7% high purity composite ceramic, smooth, high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, size, and function stably for life up to a multi-functional machine. HF sleeve is made of ceramic. No longer hesitate to choose the solvent.

2. Ergonomic Design
Adopt ergonomic principle, easy and comfortable operation, simple and final accurate capacity adjustment. One hand is operational.

3. Damage Prevention
The body is protected by a plastic case with a transparent window for easy observation. It can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure can be used for aseptic operation The whole machine includes a liquid discharging device, which can be sterilized at 121℃ high temperature. All parts in contact with reagents are made of corrosion-resistant ECTFE and FEP materials, and can also be used in various aseptic packing operations dispensers.

When using the bottle-top dispenser, you’d better pay attention to the operating tips below.

The bottle-top dispensers can only be used to dispense liquids. Before operations, always read the safety specifications from solvent manufacturers. When you dispense inflammable media, make sure that you avoid static charge buildup. Don’t dispense into plastic vessels.

When you do dispense, always make sure that the discharge tube points away from you and any others. To avoid reagent splashing, use suitable vessels to dispense into. When the dispensing cylinder is filled, do not remove the discharge tube. If you use small bottles, use a bottle stand to help to keep them still.