The Product Features of Bottle-Top Dispenser

Continuous pipetting can be completed quickly and easily. Connected to the PD-tip, the Hawachadjustable dosing device (continuous pipetting) is effective and durable, allowing you to perform as many as 49 repeated injections in one aspirate. PD-tips are available in 8 sizes, with a volume from 0.1 ml to 50 ml, allowing you to easily remove reagents from 2 microliters to 5 ml. Its accuracy and durability are just as good as your Expected as high.

Main features of bottle-top dispenser:
★ The liquid dispenser can be sterilized at high temperature and high pressure.
★ The silicone tube of the liquid filler is made of special materials, durable, and not easy to break.
★ Easy to use, reliable, high efficiency, small repeat error, can save the time and cost of research and experiment.
★ The material parts of the liquid contacting parts of the liquid filler are glass and polypropylene, which do not react with common chemical reagents.
★ The upper and lower one-way piston and glass plunger of the liquid filler is precision ground, and the sealing is good, which ensures the accuracy of the liquid volume.
★ Volume selection button-five gears for an easy selection to control pipetting volume.
★ Pipetting control keys-even the smallest amount of pipetting can be easily controlled.
★ Multi-function tip lock/suction key-integrated design avoids the accident of lock damage that may occur in the separate design.
Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispensers
The Hawach adjustable dosing device (continuous pipetting) is suitable for Hawach tips, as well as other piston tips.
-Easy to operate.
-It has been calibrated before leaving the factory.
-No maintenance.

Main features of the automatically adjustable quantitative dosing device
1. The use of micro-processing technology makes the operation tend to be humanized.
2. A variety of control methods, which can be controlled individually and centrally.
3. Manual control, automatic control, and external trigger control can be used to meet the needs of different occasions.
4. Using color LCD and touch screen technology, the operation interface is simple, intuitive, and clear.
5. The multi-channel driver is selected, which is suitable for the needs of different irrigation volumes and different accuracy.
6. The stepping motor drives the pump head, which is easy to control the start and stop, so it has high precision and is very suitable for quantitative filling. The straight brush motor drives the pump head, which has large output torque and is maintenance-free.

working principle of bottle-top dispenser:

Use the rotating wheel to roll the flexible hose. The fluid in the hose moves with the rotation of the wheel. Just like squeezing a hose filled with fluid with your finger, the fluid slides forward along your finger. The pump uses a rotating roller to squeeze the hose to complete the fluid delivery.

product advantages of bottle-top dispenser:

1. No pollution: the fluid only touches the pump tube, not the pump body;
2. High accuracy: high repeat accuracy and high stability accuracy;
3. Good sealing: it has the good self-priming ability, can be idling, and can prevent backflow;
4. The maintenance of the hose pump is simple: there are no valves and seals, and the hose is the most vulnerable part;
5. Can pump liquid, gas, solid or multi-phase mixture;

Hawach can provide different types of bottle-top dispensers for your choice. If you have any problem with that. Don’t hesitate to contact us.