The Method of Transfer Liquid Use Pipette

Two methods of use pipette to transfer the liquid:

One is the forward fluid transfer method: Press the button with your thumb to the first stop point, then slowly release the button back to the origin. Then press the first stop button to expel the liquid. After pausing for a moment, continue to press the button until the second stop point to blow out the remaining liquid. Finally, release the button.

The second method is reverse transfer. This method is generally used to transport high viscosity liquid, bioactive liquid, easy to bubble liquid or very small amount of liquid. It works by inhaling a liquid that exceeds a set range and then transferring the liquid without blowing out residual liquids.

First press the button to the second stop point, slowly release the button to the origin.

Then press the button to the first stop point to discharge the liquid with a good range. Keep the button at the first stop point (never press down again). Remove the pipette tips with residual liquid and discard it.

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