Manual Bottle-Top Dispenser

A manual bottle-top dispenser is a practical tool for fast, reliable, and safe equating reagents. The built-in safety function can protect the user from the accidental overflow of liquid and ensure the smooth operation of the dispenser.

It is widely used in biological, pharmaceutical, clinical, chemical, and forensic laboratories. Not only can be used with a variety of liquid reagents but also has excellent sealing performance at different temperatures and viscosities. There are 4 different capacity ranges: 0.5 – 5 ml, 1 – 10 ml, 2.5 – 25 ml, and 5 – 50 ml.

Main features :

1. Easy-to-use volume adjustment
2. smooth piston design provides effortless dispensing
3. closure cap protects, against reagent contact and is easy to attach and removes, without taking gloves off
4. adapters allow fitting to standards reagent bottles
5. filling tube adjusts easily for different size bottles

Technical parameters

ProductVolume Range(mL)Graduation(mL)A≤±CV≤

Some accessories are applied for different bottles

1GL45, Adapter, 45mm6GL25, Adapter, 32/25mm
2S40, Adapter, 45/40mm7GL28, Adapter, 32/28mm
3GL32, Adapter, 45/32mm8Reagent Bottle (Brown, 1L, Options)
4GL38, Adapter, 45/38mm9Filling tube(m)
5Discharge tube(m)