Introduction to the Bottle-Top Dispenser

The instrument is divided into two types:
Internal and external. It is the use of a syringe plunger reciprocating movement and two one-way pistons liquid quantitative, directional movement, adding liquid. The internal loading type is composed of a liquid storage bottle and liquid feeders. The liquid feeder is a plastic screw cap, and the bottle and the cap are connected to the syringe with the outlet pipe and the inlet pipe of the one-way piston to control the inlet and outlet of the test fluid.

On the top of the bottle cap, there is a gauge marked with a metal scale and a movable positioning sleeve to control the accuracy of the amount of added liquid. Connect a glass tube with a plastic tube on the cap to export the sample. At the end of the glass bend, there is a frosted nozzle to connect the plastic suction nozzle to control the flow rate. Among them, add a liquid hole on the bottle cap, its scale positioning weight stem core is metal, with hard plastic made of jagged positioning, in the adjustment of capacity more convenient and correct.

A liquid storage bottle is a glass bottle with a screw mouth for storing test liquid. The screw head matches the screw head of the bottle cap. External loading is to install the syringe with a one-way automatic piston outlet pipe and inlet pipe together with the positioning stem and positioning sleeve with calibration marks.
0.1~99.9mL Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser
The utility model relates to a self-priming adjustable glass refuser, which is composed of a positioner mounted on a bottle body, a bottle cap, a graduated bar, a graduated bar, a syringe inside the bottle body, and a compression spring mounted between the pinching hand on the top of the syringe and the bottle cap. At present, there is no compression spring in the adjustable glass liquid feeder, so it needs to be operated by both hands when it is used.

When the injection needle is pressed, the pinching hand itself cannot be reset, so it is troublesome to use. The self-imbibition adjustable glass liquid feeder is equipped with a compression spring on the pin between the pinching hand and the bottle-top dispenser cap. When the pin is pressed down, the pinching hand can automatically reset under the action of the compression spring to complete the self-imbibition function.

The upper and lower single-phase piston of the liquid feeder has been precisely ground, screened and washed, and the sealing property of the syringe jacket and core is good, thus ensuring the accuracy of the liquid dosage.

The positioning lever is marked with a container scale. As long as the positioning sleeve is moved to the scale position of the required capacity, the liquid level of the marked quantity can be injected.

It has been proved that the use of quantitative and adjustable glass feeder is convenient, reliable, efficient, and can save a lot of time and cost of research and experiment. The main part of the instrument is made of hard glass and medical plastic PP, which can resist the general acid and alkaline liquid and can be high-temperature sterilized.