How to Choose the Right Bottle-Top Dispenser?

The bottle-top dispensers are a useful tool to dispense reagents, media, chemicals, and solutions from bottles, containers, and other vessels. With components of a filling tube, piston or pump, discharge valve, and discharge tube, the bottle-top dispenser is a popular chemical method for transferring in many labs.

We can dispense a liquid accurately and precisely in a safe way by using the dispenser. You may concern about the chemical compatibility, viscosity, volume, and frequency when selecting the bottle-top dispenser for your lab, and the budget too.

There are some important design features you should consider when you purchase bottle-top dispensers, such as a recirculation valve, autoclavable, and volume setting mechanism.

Recommended by many labs, the bottle-top dispenser can recirculate the liquid as the scientist primes the dispenser. The feature can lower the cost by less chemical splashing and liquid loss. The fully autoclavable dispensers should be considered If autoclaving is required.

Make sure the valves of the dispensers need to be loosed before autoclaving. The volume adjustment knob, volume adjustment dial, and electronic with premium dispensers are three designs of volume setting mechanism which is widely used in the lab.