How To Choose A Sample Vial?

There are many different types of vials to meet different experiment demands, like the crimp top sample vials, screw thread top sample vials, and snap top sample vials. Crimp top sample vials are cheap but require a jaw tool and the cap cannot be reused. Screw thread caps are reusable and non-volatile. Snap top sample vials provide a moderate degree of sealing to reduce sample volatilization. Compared to the screw thread top sample vials, the snap top sample vials can be easily capped and opened without tools, making it easier to use.

Vial selection
* Glass sample vials are for general purpose and belong to acid-resistant type;
* Brown vials are used for light-sensitive samples;
* Silanization/deactivation vials are for samples and trace analysis that is easily bonded to the wall of the glass;
* Polypropylene vials are for alcohol samples or water-soluble solvents;
* Micro-lining tubes are used for very small injection volumes;
* High yield vials are for limited sample volume.

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