How Much Do You Know HAWACH and Its Bottle-Top Dispenser?

HAWACH was launched in 2013 to bring innovation and exceptional service to labs all over the world. HAWACH develops and designs innovative lab instruments for leading labs in the world. Today, HAWACH is especially regarded for its market-leading innovation in lab consumables technology and its incredible customer service.

Over time, our strong team of product design engineers has launched a remarkable range of liquid handling instruments that are known for their accuracy and precision. HAWACH is able to provide great prices for high-quality products and couple that with strong technical support due to in-depth product knowledge.

Its bottle-top dispenser enables convenient liquid handling in the lab. The manual type and electric type are able to manage different volumes. The manual type can deal with four different range volumes, 0.5ml-5ml, 1ml-10ml, 2.5ml-25ml, and 5ml-50ml. The electric one can manage the volume from 0.1ml to 99.9ml, with USA, CN, Euro, and UK plug.

China Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispensers for Lab
0.1~99.9mL Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser
Laboratory Bottle-Top Dispensers Supplier

We pride ourselves on our dependable customer service and support. We really stand by our products and provide the best solution for liquid handling requirements in the lab.