Hawach Bottle-Top Dispenser Product Features

The best way to draw a fixed volume of liquid from a larger reservoir is to use a Hawach bottle-top dispenser. The compact design and safety valve allows the bottle-top dispenser to be precise and reproducible without wasting reagents; it provides safety to the operator and the laboratory environment when handling corrosive liquids or solvent protection. The Hawach bottle-top dispenser is the bottle-top dispenser that provides these safety guarantees. In addition, it is resistant to high temperatures and pressures and chemical corrosion.

Product Features
● The fine control according to liquid viscosity
● PFA seals the sliding piston to prevent blockage
● Clean piston design to prevent liquid crystallization
● Internal circulation safety piston prevents liquid waste when filling liquid
● Precision scale for the quick and easy setting of the volume
● Pipe seal helmet prevents contact with media
● Provide a telescopic tube suitable for the height of the container
● Chemical resistance