Factors in Selection and Main Features of Bottle-Top Dispenser

Bottle-top dispensers which can be directly attached to reagent bottles are widely used for dispensing a wide range of reagents and solutions from big containers into other smaller vessels.

Due to the advantages of reducing reagent losses and mistakes and increasing work efficiency as well, bottle-top dispensers for transferring chemicals can be seen in academic research, wet chemistry, and biotechnology labs. It’s also a useful tool in the field of perfume and essential oils making, wineries, and more.

Hawach bottle-top dispenser is an instrument for accurately measuring liquids. There are many kinds of liquid transfer products. According to the actual requirements of the experiment, we can consider the following three factors: the accuracy of the liquid transfer, the volume and working strength of the liquid transfer, and the properties of the reagent itself.

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There are some basic kinds of bottle-top dispensers, which are basic type, organic type, and hydrofluoric acid type. Different solvents are used to select different types of bottle-top dispensers. In addition, the appropriate volume range should be selected according to different dosages.

The most important requirement of liquid transfer operation is precision. The precision requirement of each liquid transfer product in production is different.

Among all kinds of liquid transfer products, the precision of the A-grade single scale pipette is the highest, while the precision of the tube is the lowest. Even for the same kind of liquid transfer products, the accuracy of different specifications corresponding to the same volume is different.

The nature of the reagent itself sometimes limits the range of fluid shifters that can be selected. For example, when a liquid with high vapor pressure and high viscosity is removed, it is more appropriate to select the “external piston” principle, while the chemical properties of the reagent correspond to the chemical resistance of the liquid transfer product material.

The contact part with liquid is made of wear-resistant and chemical corrosion-resistant material. The piston is made of 99.7% high purity ceramic, which is featured in smooth, high temperature resistant, chemical corrosion-resistant, and wear-resistant, while the traditional bottle mouth distributor generally uses PTFE、PFA, glass as sleeve material, the PTFE material is not wear-resistant and not smooth.

Hawach adopts ladder-type capacity adjustment, which makes numerical positioning is not easy to shift, effectively reduces visual error, easy to read, ensures high accuracy and consistency of data, avoids human error, and never needs calibration.

The bottle-top dispenser is available from 0.2 ml to 60 ml, from capacity adjustable to fixed type. It can meet all kinds of liquid separation requirements.

Hawach bottle-top dispenser can be sterilized at 121℃ high temperature and high-pressure sterilization, and keep the accuracy and shape unchanged. Moreover, there are also specifications for hydrofluoric acid liquid separation, piston, and sleeve are made of 99.7% high purity ceramic, valve seat, and ball are also made of ceramic, and platinum-iridium alloy spring can deal with various reagents such as hydrofluoric acid.