Chromatography Injection Sample Vial Cleaning Method

Hawach sample vial is a container for the analysis the substance to be analyzed, and its cleanliness directly affects the analysis result. This article summarizes the various methods of cleaning the chromatographic sample vial, aiming to provide a meaningful reference for everyone.

These methods have a good washing effect on the fat-soluble residues and organic reagent residues in the chromatographic sample vial, the cleanliness meets the requirements, the cleaning time is reduced, and the cleaning steps are simple, and the cleaning process is more environmentally friendly.

When analyzing samples by LC/MS/MS, cleaning the injection bottle is very important. The cleaning method of glassware, the cleaning method is selected according to the degree of pollution. There is no fixed mode. Method summary:

Screw Thread Top Sample Vials

Option One:
1. Pour the test solution into the dry sample vial.
2. Immerse all in 95% alcohol, wash it twice with ultrasonic, and pour it out because alcohol easily enters a 1.5mL vial and can be miscible with most organic solvents to achieve the cleaning effect.
3. Pour in clean water and ultrasonically wash twice.
4. Pour the lotion into the dry bottle and bake at 110 degrees Celsius for 1 to 2 hours. Never bake at high temperatures.
5. Cool and save.

Option Two:
1. Rinse with tap water several times.
2. Put it into a beaker filled with pure water and sonicate for 15 minutes.
3. Change the water and sonicate for 15 minutes.
4. Dip into a beaker containing absolute ethanol.
5. Finally, take it out and let it air dry.

Option There:
1. Soak in methanol (chromatographically pure) first, and ultrasonically clean for 20 minutes, then pour out the methanol.
2. Fill the sample vial with water again, ultrasonically clean it for 20 minutes, then pour the water out.
3. Dry the sample vial afterward.

Option Four:
The first type, generally is first rinsed with water and dried, and then soaked in potassium dichromate sulfate lotion.

The second type, the washing method of the sample vial is the same as the preparation of the liquid phase, etc. First, use medical alcohol to soak for more than 4 hours, then sonicate for half an hour, then pour out the medical alcohol, and use water for half a sonication Hours, rinse with water, and dry it.

Option Five:
1. If the cost is sufficient, it is best to use a new one each time
2. If you want to reuse, the cleaning method is particularly important. Firstly, it is soaked in a strong oxidizing cleaning solution of potassium dichromate for 24 hours, then cleaned with deionized water three times under ultrasonic conditions, and finally cleaned with methanol once, and it can be used after drying.
3. When analyzing pesticide residues, the bottle gasket must be replaced with a new one, otherwise, it will affect the quantitative results.

But if conditions permit, try to use disposable consumables, such as disposable PTFE inserts or domestic plastic inserts (about 0.1 yuan/piece), sample vials are fine Repeated use without washing.