Characteristics of Bottle-Top Dispenser

As an indispensable experimental instrument for laboratory liquid operation, the bottle-top dispenser has the following characteristics.

(1) The setting operation is simple, and the protective gloves can be worn to operate directly in the process of operation. In addition, it has an efficient set locking device, which can avoid the occurrence of unexpected volume changes in the operation process to the greatest extent.
(2) Its performance is stable and the calibration is convenient.
(3) For the large-capacity liquid distributor, it also has the function of micro-adjustment, which can ensure the accuracy of liquid distribution when large amounts of liquid are distributed.
(4) It can achieve a fast volume setting and has a precise calibration design.
(5) It is equipped with a smooth and precise piston, which can slide up and down, making the operation more convenient and comfortable.
(6) Bottle-top dispenser is equipped with a safety cap for the drainage pipe, which can avoid contact with reagents. This unique design makes it easy for operators to install or disassemble even when wearing gloves.
(7) The suction tube is transparent and suitable for reagent bottles of various sizes.

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