Can the Headspace Vials be Reused?

Headspace vials are a container for the analysis the substance to be analyzed, and their cleanliness directly affects the analysis result. Due to a large number of samples, a large number of sample bottles need to be cleaned during the detection process, which not only wastes time and reduces work efficiency, but also sometimes results in deviations in the experimental results because the cleanliness of the cleaned sample bottles does not meet the requirements.

The top empty bottle is mainly made of glass but rarely made of plastic. Disposable vials are costly, wasteful, and cause serious environmental pollution. Most laboratories use the vials after cleaning. At present, the commonly used methods for cleaning the sample bottle in the laboratory are mainly to add washing powder, detergent, organic solvent, and acid-base washing liquid, and then scrub with a customized small test tube. This conventional brushing method has many shortcomings, the use of detergent and water is large, the washing time is long, and it is easy to leave dead corners.’

10ml screw top headspace vials

If it is a plastic sample bottle, it is easy to leave a brush mark on the inner headspace vials wall, which takes up a lot of manpower and Resources. For glassware with serious contamination of lipid and protein residues, alkaline lysate is used for cleaning, and good results are obtained.

At present, there are more than ten kinds of sample equipment, mainly including an automatic sampler, a headspace sampler, a six-port valve sampler, a manual sampler, a liquid sampler, a chromatography sampler, a gas sampler, solid Sampler, etc. Most of the accessories are made of borosilicate glass, and its inertness can meet the analysis of most samples. It requires accurate volume, can withstand a certain pressure, has good sealing performance, and no adsorption to the sample.

Can I use the top empty bottle multiple times? Hawach recommends that you do not recommend multiple-use, why? Let’s take a look!
1. Because the sample in the headspace generally forms an aerosol pressure, the used bottle cap will leak, which may affect the accuracy of the test results, so it is not recommended to repeat it.
2. If a bottle is filled twice, the peak area of the second injection will become larger.
3. The cap of the headspace vials cannot be used multiple times, because the cap is deformed when it is removed, and even some of it is broken. However, the cushion of the headspace vials can be used many times, only about two or three times. The sample in each bottle can only be drawn once, otherwise, it will be inaccurate and the amount of sample will be less and less.