Brief Intro of Hawach Bottle-Top Dispenser

The bottle-top dispenser is the ideal tool for handling strong and corrosive chemicals in the lab. Hawach bottle-top dispensers are made of excellent chemical-resistant materials, such as PTFE, FEP, BSG, and PP. They can be used for lots of dangerous or toxic solvents such as acids, saline solutions, and organic solvents in the safest way. And they are Fully autoclavable at 121℃. You can find Hawach products in mechanical and electronic bottle-top dispensers.

Hawach mechanical bottle-top dispensers have 4 ranges: 0.5-5mL, 1-10mL, 2.5-25mL, and 5-50mL. With 5 kinds of adapters, they can be used in different reagent bottles. And the volume regulation can be done quickly and accurately. If you choose Hawach mechanical bottle-top dispensers, the solvent of your application can be effectively removed in the organic synthesis or petrochemical industry, especially in the petrochemical industry.

By reducing the human factors in the separation process effectively, Hawach electronic bottle-top dispenser can make the result more accurate. The electronic control system can guarantee the process is more stable and reliable.