Bottle-Top Dispensers Cleaning and Application

Long-term use of the bottle-top dispensers will result in blockage of the instrument and a decrease in measurement accuracy. In order to get more accurate measurement accuracy, Hawach will introduce you to the cleaning method and application of the bottle-top dispenser.

Bottle-Top Dispenser Cleaning

In order to ensure the long service life of the bottle-top dispensers, some maintenance and cleaning work can be carried out under the following conditions:
1. The pipetting piston is not flexible;
2. Dispense some restrictive solutions, such as a high concentration of the salt solution and a high concentration of the alkaline solution.
3. Before replacing the dispensing reagent;
4. Before the bottle dispenser is sterilized;
5. Replace the straw of the finished dispenser, the liquid return tube, and the liquid separation tube.

Bottle-Top Dispenser Application

1. All liquid contact parts are highly chemically resistant.
2. The setting operation is simple; even the protective gloves can be directly operated. The locking device can be set efficiently so that the accidental volume change does not occur during the operation.
3. The work performance is stable and the calibration is convenient. The user only needs one coin to complete the calibration.
4. Sterilized at 121 °C, a filter can be added to the inlet of the bottle-top dispensers to remove contaminants from the air.
5. The optional PTFE extension tube and liquid nozzle can accurately dispense the liquid into the receiving bottle up to 60 cm away from the dispenser.
6. For the large-capacity dosing device, also has a micro-adjustment ring to ensure high precision when dispensing large amounts of liquid.