Bottle-Top Dispenser Purchase Reference Indicators

1. Product performance, that is, the accuracy and repeatability of the bottle-top dispenser.
For most users, it is difficult to detect product performance before purchasing. Therefore, it is mainly based on the technical data provided by the manufacturer to carefully check the written materials provided by the manufacturer.
2. Reliable and durable products
This aspect depends primarily on the materials used in the bottle-top dispenser. For example, the outer casing should have high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and low thermal conductivity (such as PVDF material).
3. Other aspects
The bottle-top dispenser can be used for continuous pipetting. For more convenient operation, a universal outlet tube with a safety handle can be used, even if it is pipetted into a very thin tube. In addition, Hawach’s products are also designed with safety valves. The unique safety valve uses internal circulation to eliminate air bubbles, avoiding reagent waste, and the valve handle can clearly show the valve opening and closing state.