About the Safe Operation Instructions of Bottle-Top Dispenser

The Hawach bottle-top dispenser is the best tool to dispense a small amount of liquid from large glass bottles or plastic bottles in the lab. And a good bottle-top dispenser can dispense repeatedly with no waste of any reagent. Hawach bottle-top dispensers always provide the best results for you and your applications.

If you want to learn how to choose the right bottle top dispenser, first you must figure out what you need to do. The key factors you consider include the volumes of the liquid that you will dispense and what kind of liquids you will dispense, such as saline solutions, strong acids, and bases, organic solvents, etc.

If you want to dispense accurate volumes of liquid reliably and repeatedly, don’t forget to calibrate your bottle-top dispensers. After your equipment is correctly calibrated, your experimental results can be trusted. For use with liquids of a similar density to water, bottle-top dispensers are usually calibrated by using water. But if you are going to dispense liquids with a density or viscosity different from water, you need to adjust your instrument volume accordingly.

You need to make sure that your liquid handling equipment is properly calibrated before you dispense your liquids. With different adapters fitting sorts of glass and plastic bottles in the lab, the good calibration of the Hawach bottle-top dispenser can always help you to get the best result in your practice.

Including the mechanical and electronic bottle-top dispensers, Hawach high-quality bottle-top dispenser will not only bring your higher quality results but also save you money on reagent loss. You will be free from repeated experiments with wrong results, and more hours working on your applications.

Made of PTFE, FEP, BSG, PP, and Hawach high-quality bottle-top dispensers have excellent chemical resistance. They can take lots of dangerous or toxic solvents such as acids, saline solutions, and organic solvents.

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The volume range of Hawach high-quality bottle-top dispensers is from 0.5-5mL, 1-10mL, 2.5-25mL, and 5-50mL.The perfect design of the safety helmet makes it easy to install and disassemble, avoid contacting with reagents as well.

About the safe operation instructions of the bottle-top dispenser

1. Abide by regular safety regulations such as wearing protective clothing, wearing eye protection and wearing gloves.
2. Pay attention to the safety information provided by the reagent manufacturer.
3. You must be familiar with this operating manual before using it.
4. The bottle-top dispenser is only used for liquid dispensing. Please operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures and restrictions provided in the manual. Contact the manufacturer or supplier if there is any question.
5. During the dispensing operation, the outlet tube must be pointed away from the operator and others to avoid splashing.
6. When the bottle-top dispenser is installed on the bottle, it cannot be carried by the plunger cover and the outlet cap of the bottle-top dispenser. This operation may cause the bottle-end dispenser to break or the plunger cylinder to loosen. Splashes of chemicals can cause personal injury.
7. Do not press the plunger cover when the protective cap is not removed.
8. Do not remove the drain tube when the plunger cylinder is full of liquid.
9. Smoothly move the piston up and down.
10. Only use the accessories and spare parts supplied by the original manufacturer, and cannot carry out technical transformations without permission.