Those Things About the Pipette

1.The key way to use pipette
Pipette is an indispensable tool for experimental operation, for top experts, the important thing is to experiment the minimum error, good repeatability, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct use of pipette.
2.Specific way to use pipette
a. Replacing tips is more precise.
Adjust the knob to the desired calibration position. First of all, skip a few and then rotate to scale. Caution is forbidden to exceed maximum calibration and avoid human error.
b. We should pay attention to the movement is prompt and correct, can not touch tips with your hands.
c. Slowly absorb the reagent, prohibit the speed too fast, and the liquid enters the gun head.
d. After moving out of tip, the inner wall of the container is gently leaned, leaving the tip outer wall fluid remaining.
3. Suggestion on how to choose the suitable products
When you to choose the pipette, you may consider the volume. And what kind of liquid you need to test. Not all of liquid is suitable to use pipette. In addition, the pipette can not show the ph rate. Our company can give the best suggestion about how to choose the best suitable pipette. And we are ready to answer your any concern. We will help you within 24 hours. We welcome you to look through our website, whenever you buy it or not. We do have lots of distributors all over the world. We also hope you can be one of it. In addition, we can allow the small quantity, this is the special policy to you. Some of our product can also send you free samples. Choose us, choose your best friend.