The Operation Steps 0f Pipette – Assembly of Pipette Tip

One of the obvious features is that the pipette ( Standard Single Channel Adjustable Pipettes, Electronic Control Digital Pipettes) produced by Hawach Scientific is intuitive to use and simple to clean, and the assembly process is easy. It is designed for convenient disassembly and reassembly.

All parts that contact with liquids are easy to clean and provide a good autoclavable property because the manufacturing materials are of high temperature and pressure tolerant structure. New elastomeric seals and polymer tip ejectors deliver smoothness and control. Lightweight and designed for use with both hand and carefully shaped finger hooks presents a relaxed grip.

When the pipette tips (Non-Sterile PP Pipette Tips ) are put on the pipette, many people will knock hard on the pipette box. This is wrong because it will cause the internal parts of the pipette tips to become loose due to the instantaneous impact force produced by the tapping, and even cause the scale adjustment knob to jam.

The correct method is to insert the liquid transfer device vertically into the pipette tip and to tightly integrate it by slightly turning left and right. The tightening mark of the pipette tip is slightly over the O-ring, and a clear sealing ring can be seen in the connecting part.

The advanced design of Pipette

Hawach’s pipette blends cutting-edge innovation and engineering to deliver superior reproducible results with extraordinary comfort. Secure volume lock allows convenient one-hand adjustment and averts potential drift. It brings excellent hand comfort and less fatigue while maintaining supreme accuracy and precision.

All components are removable and convenient to clean and maintain. The diverse volume ranges and complete types of pipettes can assure you of high quality. What’s more, the built-in streamlined tip ejector is beneficial for convenient tip ejection and wider access to the narrow neck containers.

The Operation Steps 0f Pipette

The above-mentioned operation method can be simply summarized as the following three steps:

1. Single-channel suction tube, the end of the suction tube is inserted into the suction head vertically, slightly rotated left and right, and tightened.

2. Do not repeatedly hit the pipette tighten the pipette head, so as not to control the dial knob stuck.

3. Multichannel pipette (Standard 8/12 Channels Adjustable Pipettes), the pipette of the first channel is aligned with the first pipette, inserted at an Angle, and gently shaken before and after tightening. When the pipette is inserted, it can be slightly larger than the o-ring.