The Introduction of The Pipette Tips and Pipette Stand

Make sure that the pipette, the head, and the liquid are at the same temperature before the liquid transfers at first. When sucking the liquid, you should hold the upper part of the pipette with four fingers together and press the button on the top of the plunger rod with your thumb. And then keep the pipette vertical, and insert the head 2-3 mm below the liquid level. Release the button slowly, and stay for one or two seconds to suck liquid. Slide the head of the pipette out of the container along the wall. Finally, press the push rod of the head into the waste tank.

There are two methods of liquid transfer, as described below.

One is forward pipetting. Press the button with your thumb to the first stop spot, and then release the button back to the original spot slowly. Next, press the button to the first stop point to discharge the liquid, and then press the button to the second stop point to blow out the residual liquid. At last, release the button.

The other is reverse pipetting. Generally, the method is used to transfer liquid with high viscosity, biologically active, and easily foaming. The principle is to suck liquid beyond the set range, and not blow out the residual liquid when transferring. First, press the button to the second stop point, and release the button to the original state slowly. Then press the button to the first stop point to discharge the liquid with the set range, and keep the button pressed and held at the first stop point. Remove the head with residual liquid and discard it.

Selection Knowledge of Pipette Tips

Significance of Selection

When choosing and purchasing pipettes, the users usually have to take a lot of factors such as precision, handle, brand, suction head adaptability, and so on into consideration. In fact, the pipette tips will have a lot of impact on the accuracy of liquid transfer, because the tip bears the philosophy of perfect function, steady performance, and delicate appearance. Innovative handling and packaging of pipette tips are beneficial to overcome common problems of automatic pipette tips, such as static stacking and retention of residues.

Round Stand for Pipettes
10ul-1250ul-sterile filter pipette tips
Standard Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes

Alternative Plan in Selection

Pipette tips, as consumables used in conjunction with the pipette, can be divided into advanced pipette tips, standard pipette tips, and advanced filter pipette tips. All Hawach pipette tips passed a complete QC and functional test. Standard pipette tips are the most widely used pipette tips, which are the most economical and affordable types; advanced pipette tips are designed to avoid cross pollution, meet high sensitivity or precious samples or reagents that are easy to remain, low adsorption suckers can be selected to improve the recovery rate.

Production Philosophy of Pipette Stand

Material Selection Philosophy

Hawach pipette stand is made of PVDF, polypropylene, and polycarbonate, which can stand long time irradiation and high-temperature disinfection without damage. Besides, the above materials can also offer strong resistance to aggressive chemicals. With the exquisite design of ergonomics, natural handshake handle, and operation, no matter whether it is set capacity, liquid transfer, or unloading suction nozzle, the whole process is smooth and suitable for daily work.

Product Design Philosophy

Hawach adopts a series of advanced technology to optimize the performance of the pipette stand and maximize the scope of the application. The liner stands from Hawach are designed for single and multi-channel models, which can simultaneously hold up single or multiple pipettes without contamination or pollution.

Additionally, the Hawach pipette stand is robust and stable due to its heavy base, which protects valuable instruments from shocks and damage. Humanized design makes it possible for a pipette to hang vertically to avoid liquids running inside the shaft. Its rotating head presents easy access to the pipette of your choice. The selection of Hawach pipette stand, allows you to have a tidy, neat, and organized work condition.