The Classification of Pipette(2)

Piston moving forward sampler
The influence of physical factors on the piston positive movement is different between the sampler and distributor and the air cushion sampler. Therefore, when the air cushion sampler is difficult to use, the piston moving forward sampler can be used, such as liquid with high vapor pressure, high viscosity and a density greater than 2.0g/cm3. Also, for example, in clinical polymerase chain reaction (PCR) determination, in order to prevent aerosol production, it is best to use moving forward sampler.

Multichannel sampler
The principle of the multichannel sampler is the same as above. The multichannel sampler is usually 8 or 12 channels, which is consistent with the 8X12 = 96-hole microporous plate. The use of multichannel sampler can not only reduce the number of times of sampling operation but also improve the precision of sampling.

Trace sampler
Trace sampler first appeared in 1956 and was invented by Schnitger, a scientist at the German Institute of Physiology and Chemistry. Then, in 1958, German companies began to produce push-button trace sampler, becoming the first company in the world to produce trace sampler. These trace sampler can be used in clinical routine chemical laboratories for their liquid absorption ranges from 1 to 1000 ml.