The Classification of Pipette(1)

Air cushion sampler

The air cushion adder can be conveniently used for the injection of fixed or adjustable volume liquids. The volume range of the additive is less than 1ul to l0ml. The function of air cushion in the injector is to separate the liquid sample sucked into the plastic suction head from the piston in the injector. The air cushion moves through the spring-like movement of the piston in the injector and then drives the liquid in the suction head. Therefore, the piston moving volume must be about 2%-4% larger than the desired volume.

The influence of temperature, air pressure, and air humidity must be reduced by structural improvement of the air cushion adder. The disposable pipette tips are an important part of the sample adding system. Its shape, material characteristics and the degree of coincidence with the sample adder have a great influence on the accuracy of the sample adding.

Electronic Sampler and Distributor

The principle of electronic sampler and distributor is the same as above. Electronic sampler and distributor are semi-automatic sampling system. The greatest advantage of the electronic sampler is its high repeatability and wide application range.

Advanced Fully Autoclave Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes