Selection of Pipette

How to choose a correct and suitable pipette in accordance with personal requirements is usually what the operators concern most. Here are some tips provided below that will be quite useful for the selection.

When selecting a pipette, consider the following key factors:

  1. Volume Range: Choose a pipette with a suitable range for your experiments.
  2. Accuracy and Precision: Ensure the pipette meets your accuracy and precision requirements.
  3. Type: Select the type (e.g., air-displacement, positive-displacement) that suits your application.
  4. Single or Multi-Channel: Decide between single or multi-channel pipettes based on your sample handling needs.
  5. Ergonomics: Opt for an ergonomic design to reduce user strain during prolonged use.
  6. Calibration: Ensure easy calibration and adjustment for accurate measurements.
  7. Compatibility: Verify compatibility with the type and brand of tips you’ll be using.
  8. Sample Characteristics: Consider sample viscosity and type when choosing a pipette.
  9. Sterilizability: If needed, select a pipette that can be easily sterilized.
  10. Budget: Balance quality with budget constraints for the best investment.

Professional Performance of Pipette

For the pipette, its accuracy and repeatability may be the most significant features. For most of the customers, it is difficult yet unnecessary for them to run a test on the performance. What they can rely on are the factory-issued testing report and technical data. Thus, it is necessary to check and review the written materials provided by the manufacturer. The first choice for the customers is to purchase the pipette from reliable and reputable companies.

Hawach Scientific combines exceptional ergonomics with smart features and a robust design to provide a professional pipette, which is suitable for diverse applications such as biology, analytical chemistry, various protein assays, and so on. Humanized design makes it easy to use for calibration and makes the set range easy to read.

Accurate dispensing can meet workflows requiring precision removal of liquids. In addition, the durable, non-contact liquid level calibration prevents potential risks caused by overfilling or spilling in the operational process. Both single and multi-channel adjustable pipettes can work with universal-fit pipette tips.

Pipette Quality

The pipette quality is mainly depending on the material applied. Firstly, its outer casing is better made of materials with high resistance to heat and corrosion and low thermal conductivity, such as PVDF material.

For its piston, there are mainly three types of material, including stainless steel, ceramics, and plastic. To be specific, stainless steel has good mechanical properties, but it is not suitable for extracting strong acid and alkaline solutions. On the contrary, ceramics have high corrosion resistance yet low mechanical strength.

Guideline for Pipette

There is nothing to recommend but the strength and wholesomeness of the pipette manufactured by Hawach Scientific. Hawach pipette is advantageous to ergonomic, lightweight, and low-force design. A special piston suction nozzle avoids cross-pollution in the liquid-removing process and ensures the accuracy of the analysis results.

Advanced Half Autoclave Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes
Electronic Control Digital Pipette Epipette

Single-channel and multiple-channel pipettes provide the same performance, with no worry about contamination or efficiency, because each channel is equipped with calibrated individually, and the dispensing volume can be precisely adjusted. The digital display is easy to read, and the wide selection of volume range from 0.1μL to 5mL can satisfy the different needs of customers.

Characteristics of Electronic Control Digital Pipette

Electronic Control Digital Pipette supplied by Hawach Scientific is advantageous to high precision and easy operation. It selects high-quality materials that possess a lasting performance and long service life. Liquid crystal digital can show the amount of liquid absorbed, the number of continuous sampling, and the speed of sample addition.

The sampling process is controlled by the motor, and it is rechargeable. With a distribution function, it can be distributed up to 20 times. Additionally, it is convenient and fast, the amount of liquid taken can be directly changed, or measured.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design could provide the operators with a more comfortable and labor-saving experience. To complete a pipetting cycle, it would be better if the finger movement distance is shorter and the force required is smaller. In this way, the risk of finger damage caused by long-term use can be greatly reduced.

Service and Maintenance

Strict testing and scrutiny of every pipette assure years of trouble-free performance. And it is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy on your hands. It can bring you a quick connection, smooth operation, and long-lasting performance.

In case of failure occurs, contact us for repair or replace it for free in the guarantee period. In the condition that failure is caused by quality or delivery. With ergonomics in mind, the Hawach pipette eliminates repetitive strain injury in the mechanical pipette, which allows users to select continuous flow and the amount of liquid needed for optimal pipetting.