Pipette Precautions

1. Aspiration and drainage
Vertical aspiration; the tip of the tip is immersed in the liquid surface below 3mm. The tip of the tip is pre-flushed in the liquid before the aspiration; slow suction and slow release; if the amount is small when the liquid is discharged, the tip of the tip should be the inner wall of the container.

2. Pipette placement
Pipettes that hold liquid should not lay flat, and the liquid inside the tip can easily contaminate the inside of the gun and may cause the spring of the gun to rust. If the pipette is not in use, it is recommended to hang it vertically on the pipette holder. The product should be adjusted to maximum after each experiment, allowing the spring to return to the prototype to extend the life of the pipette.

3. When sucking the liquid, be sure to release the thumb slowly and smoothly. Never let it suddenly loosen, in case the solution is sucked too fast and flush into the pipette of the pipette to corrode the plunger and cause air leakage.

4. In order to obtain higher precision, the sample solution needs to be sucked once before the sample is taken, and then the liquid is officially pipetted. When the serum protein solution or the organic solvent is taken up, a “liquid film” remains on the inner wall of the tip, causing the liquid discharge amount. It is too small and produces errors.