Pipette Maintenance Introduction

1. Disassembly of the dripper ejector sleeve: Gently hold the dripper ejector, insert the special tool provided with the manual pipette, lock the mechanical structure, carefully relax the drip ejector, and remove the dripper Discharger and dripper ejector sleeve.
2. The removal of the drip cone: with a special tool equipped with a manual pipette, use the wrench end in the counterclockwise direction, carefully loosen the drip cone; for the 5ml manual pipette, by hand counterclockwise Direction, carefully loosen the drip cone.
3. Disassembly of each component: Remove the drip cone, the suction piston and the spring. If a filter is installed, remove the filter. Immersed and disassembled parts: the drip cone, the dripper ejector, the dripper ejector ferrule and the suction cylinder piston, the O-ring and the spring are placed in a beaker containing the Biore Bioline disinfectant. Soak for at least 30 minutes.
4. Dry and disassembled parts: take the drip cone, dripper ejector ring and suction tube piston out of the beaker, rinse repeatedly with distilled water, then dry, preferably with hot air for at least 1 hour.
Care and installation of the components: Re-apply the lubricant to the suction cylinder piston as required in the operating manual, inspect other components and replace consumable parts, such as replacing the new filter. Reassemble the electronic pipette in the reverse order of the above
Note: When the electronic pipette is cleaned and biologically disinfected as usual, pay attention to check the possible wear of the O-ring, at least once every six times, if necessary, must be replaced, and after replacement The electronic pipette must be calibrated.