Introduction And Merits Of Pipette Stand

Introduction of Pipette Stand
Pipette stand is a necessary tool to hold pipettes and pipette tips, which is good for providing an extra level of sample protection and greatly reducing the risk of carryover cross-contamination. A variety of different sizes, shapes, and designs of pipette stands are available for wide applications.

There are mainly two types of pipette tips in our company: the linear pipette stand and the round pipette stand. Each of them can hold up 6 single channel pipettes or multiple channels pipettes. You can order according to specific needs.

Merits of Pipette Stand
Pipette stand provided by our company has many merits, it is crafted designed to save occupied space, prevent your workplace from chaotic, and avoid contamination of the bench, the disposable pipette tips, and residue liquid.

Besides, it can hold many different sized、shaped pipettes vertical and well organized in a reduced space on your bench with little cost. And it is easily inserted and removed without using much force and can be mounted in different positions and orientations. It is robust and the pipette is reliably clamped, therefore, the stand will not tip over even if you move the stand around.