How To Use the Pipette Correctly

The pipette is a kind of common instruments in the labs. And how should the experimenters use the pipette correctly? We will introduce the steps in the follow-up articles.

Step 1: Hold the pipette correctly
Hold the handle of the pipette with the palm and four fingers, put the index finger close to the front hook structure, and the thumb on the control button.

Step 2: Adjust the range of the pipette
Pull out the knob of the pipette and adjust it to the appropriate range and then push the knob back to its original position.

Step 3: equipped with the head of the pipette
Put the pipette vertically align with the opening of the head to fix them together seamlessly, or the reagent will leak out.

Step 4: suction the liquid
Press the knob of the pipette with your thumb to the middle gear and make half of the head of the pipette into the liquid. Be careful that do not press the knob to the bottom, otherwise, the volume of the liquid soaking out will be wrong. Then loosen your thumb and suction the liquids.

Step 5: Extrude liquids
Extrude the liquids and put into the containers.
After using the pipette, remove the head of the pipette and adjust back to the maximum range.