Hawach Scientific Advanced Mechanical Pipette

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Hawach multi-channel advanced mechanical pipette is comfortable to use and can play an ideal role in the application of microplate. Color-coded wide finger support and ergonomic handle design can improve your fluid transfer test. The advanced mechanical pipette can be used for single and multi-pass molds. We are leading the way in introducing integrated solutions that combine innovative technologies, convenient procurement and all-around services.
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Products specification
Single-channel Adjustable Volume
Single-channel Fixed Volume
Eight-channel Adjustable Volume
Twelve-channel Adjustable Volume

Products description
1. Ergonomic comfort
2. Color-coded wide finger-like supports are ergonomic in their identification
3. The design of the handle is soft enough to attach to the shape of your hand
4. Large Ergovisio display, easy to identify capacity

1. Durable handle material
2. Double control liquid transfer button; The rotary button cap at the top prevents accidental volume selection errors.
3. Advanced gear capacity selection mechanism can enhance precision and accuracy
4. Strong blowing force to achieve 50 microns and below the efficient transfer of droplets