Hawach Electronic Pipette-Epipette Introduction

The Hawach electronic pipette is a pipette motor drive digital control pipette with multifunction Pipetting, Mixing, Stepper, and Dilution. Lightweight, ergonomic design, small body dimension for easy handling that guarantees fatigue-free. Hawach electronic control digital pipette has the outstanding features of small size, lightweight and high accuracy. The electronic pipette can reduce your workload and ensure accurate pipetting while avoiding your RSI damage while obtaining accurate pipetting results.



Application: Liquid pipetting, Continuous pipetting
Using Area: Chemical, biological, environmental, pharmaceutical, food, and other areas involved in liquid handling.
Users Group: Universities, research institutes, testing organizations, third parties related to quality tests, and related enterprises.
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Hawach electronic control digital pipette is an ergonomic precision pipette that meets the high quality, safety, and reliability requirements of laboratory professionals.

1. Pipetting
■ New ergonomic design protects you from RSI (repetitive strain) and reduces the workload of long pipetting operations.
■ Lightweight, small electronic pipettes allow you to maintain a comfortable working position and a light pipetting experience.

2. Reliable results
■ Electronic brake and piston control system to ensure accurate pipetting results.
■ Module Wizard technology can prompt the operation steps during the micropipette pipetting process to improve the reliability of the results.

3. Easy to operate
■ Intuitive user interface – easy to master key features without a manual.
■ The adjustment wheel provides the fast capacity setting and menu navigation.
■ Quickly access frequently used programs with one click.

Pipette Highlights

1. Technology
■ Electronic brakes can quickly and accurately stop the movement of the piston, especially during continuous dispensing, ensuring high precision
■ Optical sensor monitors piston movement in real-time, ensuring accuracy and reliability

2. Adjustment wheel
■ Provides fast range setting and convenient menu navigation
■ Ergonomic one-handed operation
■ Precise control of manual pipetting and titration speed with just a touch of your thumb

3. Microplate Wizard System
■ In-line 96-well or 384-well plate guide system guides the user to pipette into the correct hole
■ Improve work efficiency and reliability of results
■ Wizard system is an optional feature that can be used in pipetting, reverse pipetting, and multiple dispensing modes

4. Ergonomics
■ Lightweight, small electronic pipette
■ Comfortable handle and finger hook design
■ Unique electronic tip removal design